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2017 Could be the Year of the Paralegal – Or, Will #AltFacts Prevail?

I once memorably shared a stage at a public meeting organized by the Ottawa Writer’s Festival on the Access to Justice crisis with the (then) Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada. It was a Saturday afternoon, and the hall was packed. After his presentation – in which he sought to play down the A2J crisis (“it’s not really a crisis”), the Treasurer was asked by an audience member why the Society did not permit paralegals (whom the Society [...]


Julie’s Blog Wins a Second Clawbie!

We’re thrilled to announce that Julie’s Blog on the NSRLP website has won a 2016 Clawbie Award! The Canadian Law Blog Awards (Clawbies) were established in 2006 by Stem Legal as a way to  highlight great blogs published by members of Canada’s legal community. The Awards are affiliated with, which tracks 485 Canadian legal blogs and podcasts; the Clawbies’ leadership reports that, “the consistent theme of the content posted in these blogs is the ongoing journey towards a better, [...]


Great New Legal Resource for Ontarians

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) has recently launched a fantastic provincial resource titled, Steps to, which provides reliable, easy-to-understand explanations of  legal topics such as custody, sick leave, rent increases, harassment, common law, discrimination, and severance pay, among others.   When self-represented litigants have to navigate a sea of online legal information, it can be very hard for them to locate trustworthy, authoritative sites. Steps to Justice provides accurate, authoritative information, with the goal of helping regular Ontarians understand Ontario’s [...]


NSRLP Research Fellow Nikki Gershbain to Develop New Legal Coaching Model

The NSRLP is thrilled to announce that we are embarking on a major project in 2017 to develop and promote a “legal coaching model,” led by NSRLP Research Fellow, Nikki Gershbain! This initiative has been developed in response to the needs of self-represented litigants, who told us as part of our National 2013 study that, in order to make their way through the justice system, what they really needed was someone in their corner who could provide ongoing, compassionate support [...]


Robin Camp Latest: Bogus Arguments about what the Public Thinks about His Removal from the Bench (Without Consulting any Actual Members of the Public)

Robin Camp is a federal court judge who, following a series of offensive remarks made in a sexual assault trial, was the subject of a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) and a subsequent inquiry. In November, the CJC recommended his removal from the Bench. In their lengthy brief submitted on January 6th asking, once again (having been rejected in December) for an opportunity to make further (to the week-long hearing in September) oral submissions, Robin Camp’s three lawyers [...]


Working With, Not Against the Public: A New Year Manifesto for the NSRLP

As 2016 drew to a close, we heard a lot of angst and analysis about the seismic events of the year. And yes – this was going on in my household too. I had looked on in disbelief as my home country voted in June to leave the European Union – falling prey to deeply rooted fears of immigrants and apparent nostalgia for the days of Empire. Then in November we watched as the U.S. – where I have family, [...]

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