Jumping Off the Ivory Tower with Prof Julie Mac

Hosted by National Self-Represented Litigants Project Director Julie Macfarlane and Project Coordinator Dayna Cornwall, our social justice podcast showcases visionaries, social justice warriors, and legal system “disrupters”; we ask about their motivations, and how their experiences have changed them – for better or for worse.

Julie Macfarlane is a law professor whose research and writing has inspired debate over many important social justice issues including Access to Justice, the future of legal services, transforming legal education, how Muslim communities relate to the Canadian legal system, and justice for the victims of sexual violence. She was recently selected as one of Canada’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers.

Jumping Off the Ivory Tower is a platform to showcase some of the important work going on both in Canada and internationally. Weekly episodes will tackle topics from across the social justice universe, including stories of self-represented litigants, innovation and change in the legal profession, work on sexual violence, racism and Islamophobia, disability rights, and legal education.

As with all NSRLP projects, we hope to spark further discussion and engagement, and bring attention to these topics. The podcast will be posted each week on this page – along with a short description and links to the stories we highlight in our “In Other News” segment. The show is also free on SoundCloud, iTunes, and whatever podcast app you use.

It Couldn’t Happen to Me

In our first ever episode, Julie talks with Jennifer Muller about her experience representing herself in the battle for custody of her child, and about her current work as an access to justice advocate. Plus, news about a surprising judicial retirement, friends in court in British Columbia, and a new resource for self-represented litigants. In Other News Links: American Judge Richard Posner retires, citing “difficulties” with the treatment of SRLs by the court system. BC Provincial Court produces guidelines for SRLs on [...]

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