The NSRLP SRL Interactive “Game”

Finding a way to communicate the struggles experienced by SRLs to those who work everyday in the justice system – and for whom its complexities and anachronisms are commonplace and familiar – is a real challenge. A critical part of NSRLP’s mission to help unpack some of the simple stereotypes about SRLs – for example, that they are intentionally creating difficulties, that they are enjoying the lonely experience of self-representation, or that they prefer to represent themselves than have a [...]


Second Annual Bring a Self Represented Litigant to Law School Day

The NSRLP will hold “Bring a Self-Represented Litigant to School Day” at Windsor Law on March 14th. The purpose of the event is to build awareness among law students of the challenges that self-represented litigants (SRLs) face and the impact of SRLs on the justice system. Similar to last year’s event, a group of invited local SRLs will visit Windsor Law for the day and join law students for classes. They will be welcomed to the law school by Dean Chris [...]


What I Wish I Had Known

We have asked law students who, prior to law school, represented themselves in court, “what they wish they had known” when they were self-reps that they have learned since entering law school. We have included three of the responses we have received to date below, and as we continue to go through the many responses we have received, we will continue to share them with you. We hope that this conversation will provide some practical information to self-reps and continue [...]

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