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Self-Represented Litigants Stumble Finding Answers to Procedural Questions: But a Solution is within Reach

This week’s blog is written by Heather Hui-Litwin, a long-time friend of NSRLP, former SRL and co-founder of the Self-Rep Navigators group in Toronto ( Heather recounts her experience trying to track down procedural information for a SRL she is assisting. The 2013 Study, and our continued daily contact with SRLs at the NSRLP, demonstrates how much SRLs worry and stress about navigating court procedures, and the significance of access to accurate procedural information. Heather’s personal experiment described below shows [...]


The Continuing Growth of SRL Jurisprudence: Two Encouraging Rays of Light

There have been some worrisome developments recently in the jurisprudence concerning self-represented litigants – but also, in the last few weeks, two important rays of light. Punishing self-rep mistakes with costs Three weeks ago I wrote my blog on Dorey v Dorey, an Ontario Superior Court decision that imposed $15,000 worth of legal costs on a SRL who was judged to have intentionally and mischievously protracted litigation via multiple filings and exhibits, by not making an Offer to Settle, and her [...]


Two Tales Illustrating the Importance of Unbundled Legal Services for Access to Justice

This week NSRLP released the National Database of Professionals Assisting SRLs, along with a video (watch here: encouraging lawyers to consider offering unbundled legal services, and featuring endorsements by Chief Justice Robert Bauman of British Columbia, Chief Justice Michael MacDonald of Nova Scotia, and Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco of the Ontario Superior Court. This is an initiative that we have been working on since last spring, slowly coaxing lawyers and others to step forward and become part of [...]


Introducing the National Database of Professionals Assisting SRLs!

Today the National Self-Represented Litigants Project is launching a project five months in the making – the National Database of Professionals Assisting SRLs. Every day self-represented litigants contact us looking for affordable legal assistance. As you are aware, studies show that full representation by a lawyer is unaffordable for not just the very poor, but for ordinary middle-income Canadians. This growing National Database contains the names of dozens of lawyers (as well as paralegals, and other professionals offering therapeutic support and [...]


Justices Speak Up for Unbundling: The Video

In this specially made video, judicial leaders across Canada encourage lawyers to offer unbundled services, and increase Access to Justice for all Canadians. Chief Justice Robert Bauman of British Columbia, Chief Justice Michael MacDonald of Nova Scotia, and Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco of the Superior Court of Ontario strongly encourage lawyers to offer unbundling, and stop being deterred by some of the myths about limited scope services. As the Justices point out, provincial law societies have studied and approved unbundling [...]


Provincial Resources for SRLs

Click here to view our regularly updated Provincial Resources for SRLs. If you have a suggestion for an additional physical or online resource we could include, please send it along to


A Punitive Costs Award Against a SRL – and the Lawyers Who Gloat

Last week, I received an email from someone working with self-represented litigants drawing my attention to a case reported in Advocates Daily (Dorey v Dorey (2016 ONSC 2746)). $15,000 awarded against a SRL for “intentionally” driving up costs This ruling on costs by Madam Justice McGee awards $15,000 of costs against the applicant mother (self-representing) in a child support variation case. The respondent father was represented by counsel, and the judge accepted the argument that the mother had intentionally escalated the [...]


Small Steps Towards Big Goals

Other news in brief: A new study (funded by the Nuffield Foundation) will start shortly in Northern Ireland on the impact of self-representation in the family and civil courts, led by Professor Grainne McKeever from Ulster University School of Law. NuLaw Lab at Northeastern University School of Law is expanding its menu of interactive SRL video games with a new grant from the Legal Services Corporation. RePresent – a simulation of self-representation in small claims court, was “road-tested” before its launch [...]


New US Report Examines Remote Services for SRLs

A new report prepared by John Greacen for the Self-Represented Litigation Network (released July 2016) considers data collected from Alaska, Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, and California, and sheds light on the provision of remote legal service access for self-represented litigants. “Serving Self-Represented Litigants Remotely: A Resource Guide,” is a hot-off-the-press strategic planning resource for how jurisdictions might better serve remote users who are representing themselves. The study consisted of onsite observation of remote service delivery, interviews with service providers, [...]

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