Access to Justice All-Star: Peter Halls

Access to Justice All-Star: Peter Halls

peter“Peter’s friendly and professional manner made it less stressful for me to ask for assistance. He listened quietly to my questions and gave me his full attention, which made me feel that my concerns mattered. I no longer felt like a faceless number. Peter provided me with the proper information I required, in a timely manner, to effectively and efficiently complete the necessary steps required by the courts.”

Peter Halls is the first person one speaks to when entering the FLIC (Family Law Information Centre) at the 393 University Avenue Courthouse in Toronto. The FLIC offers free assistance and information for clients who are new to the court system and/or who don’t have a lawyer, and is funded by Legal Aid Ontario. FLICs are available in most family courts in Ontario, and provide information about separation and divorce and related family law issues, family justice services, alternative forms of dispute resolution, local community resources and court processes.

Court Services Workers, like Peter Halls, our newest Access to Justice All-Stars nominee, are available to help SRLs, and to make referrals to appropriate services, including family mediation.

“I have found that (Peter’s) professional demeanor and affable manner makes the task of asking for help much less daunting. On numerous occasions, as I sat in the hallway and waited for my number to be called, I have observed Peter listening patiently to each person he served. He always answered their enquiries in a quiet and respectful tone. Peter treated everyone with polite professional courtesy and that in turn encouraged SRL’s to communicate with him in the same calm manner. I would like to thank Peter for his patience and diligence when dealing with SRL’s. I have found him to be trustworthy, approachable, and kind. It is people like Peter who bring a humane touch to the legal system.”

Peter has been nominated by Jana Seracevic. Congratulations to Peter for being the newest member of the NSRLP Access to Justice All-Stars Team!

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