Access to Justice All-Stars: The Team at Calgary LInC

Access to Justice All-Stars: The Team at Calgary LInC

Our newest Access to Justice All-Stars award goes to a very special trio at the Law Information Centre at the Calgary Courts Centre. Cynthia Sawyer, Lisa Paul, and Melissa Molyneux were nominated by a member of the public who has had many encounters with the Law Information Centre, and has been greatly helped by the LInC team.

Cynthia, Lisa, and Melissa are Law Information Centre Coordinators. They provide legal information to court clients looking for help. They work constantly with self-represented litigants, and offer critical assistance in navigating the justice system, for example, assisting with the completion of court forms, or creating court-generated orders. These three dedicated individuals provide real Access to Justice from the front lines of the justice system.

Their nomination came from a SRL who enthusiastically explained how this trio’s teamwork and all-around effort are improving the SRL experience:

“The LInC ladies are very helpful. I can ask them just about anything, and they will direct me on how to get help if it is outside their authority. They give precisely the kind of patient help SRLs need.”

NSRLP spoke to Barb Roach, LInC supervisor, who also had wonderful things to say about the team and their collective contribution to enhancing Access to Justice in Alberta.

“This team gives their all every single day. They are very eager to assist all self-represented litigants with any matter they bring forward, and offer a never-ending source of ideas. As their Team Lead, I value their contributions, and acknowledge their vital roles in our organization. This is a wonderful team to be a part of.”

If you have an Access to Justice All-Star whom you would like to nominate, please contact us at

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Comments (2)

  • Mim Allen


    I think we have the wrong Melissa- I know her as Melissa Wong (Calgary Linc) unless eh recently got married. It would be great if we got that corrected.

    Thank you so much for featuring them. They are just absolutely great.


    March 24, 2016 at 1:59 am
  • Allen

    I am pretty sure the Calgary LINC member’s name is Melissa Wong

    March 24, 2016 at 6:51 pm

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