March 26, 2015

The CanLII Primer

The Can Lii Primer (Eng) The Can Lii Primer (Fre) The NSRLP is proud to launch our latest resource for SRLs NSRLP CanLII Primer V1 English NSRLP CanLII Primer V1 French The CanLll Primer: Legal Research Principles and CanLII Navigation for Self-Represented Litigants is the result of innumerable hours of research and drafting by NSRLP Research Assistant Tamara Thomas, who worked with Julie to develop the Primer. Tamara says this about what she learned from the experience, and what motivated her to spend so much time [...]


Law at the Library: Free Legal Seminars

A second major project comes to fruition this week. Heather Hui-Litwin, a Toronto-based lawyer, has been working with a number of dedicated volunteers on a committee since spring 2014 to organize a series of free legal seminars for people either considering or already handling their own legal matters. Law at the Library is a series of seminars to be held at Toronto-area public libraries. The complete list of seminars, venues and speakers is at Heather was a former self-represented litigant and a client. [...]


Toronto Star Story Highlights Legal Coaching

Last Saturday’s Toronto Star carried a feature article focusing on potential “solutions” for SRLs.The feature canvassed innovative developments in the US, UK and Canada. Each story segment highlighted ways in which those without a full legal qualification – including law students – could nonetheless offer significant assistance to SRLs. In the US, Judge Fern Fisher described New York’s “Court Navigator” program that began by using law students to “steer” SRLs through the courts, and has now grown into an institutionalized [...]

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