Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society: Exploring a Legal Coaching Model

Julie conducted a full day workshop for the Nova Scoria Barrister’s Society on November 12th on how lawyers might work with SRLs, either offering direct services as “legal coaches”, or working opposite a SRL on the other side of a matter. A coaching model would allow lawyers to offer unbundled services to equip SRLs to move forward on their own, perhaps with regular review and assistance from the “lawyer-coach”. NSBS is interested in promoting this model as part of [...]


Action Step # 9: Measuring the Social Impact of Self-Representation

In November our focus is Action Step #9 – Measuring the Social Impact of Self-Representation. The social impact of the rising numbers of SRLs is reflected in the consequences described by the SRL Research Study respondents, and includes not only financial hardships, but also the difficulty of maintaining employment while acting as a SRL, pressure on parenting especially for single parents, the impact on children, and personal health consequences (including depression and other stress-related illnesses). SRLs complain consistently of [...]

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