Access to Information: Resource Development and Open Sourcing

Two weeks ago we highlighted the work of Vancouver’s Paralegal Litigation Users Group in the creation of a 200-page manual for SRLs using the BC Supreme Court ( There continue to be impressive efforts to enlarge resources and enhance access to information for the self-represented. Newfoundland and Labrador has just launched a searchable database of their Court of Appeal cases (, a huge project that illustrates the importance being placed by Chief Justice Derek Green on improving resources for [...]


A Reading List for Reading Week

This week (February 16-20) is “Reading Week” at Windsor Law as well as many other law schools around the country. In honour of this week – more traditionally used for a quick vacation somewhere warm – we offer you the NSRLP’s List of Five Top Reads for Reading Week. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande (Picador 2011, $12.99). A book about “how professionals deal with the increasing complexity of their responsibilities” (Malcolm Gladwell), this is [...]


Windsor Law Hosts “Bring a SRL to Law School Day” 

To advance the NSRLP’s goal of continuing to build awareness among law students of the experiences and impact of SRLs in and on the justice system, Windsor Law and the NSRLP is hosting “Bring a SRL to Law School Day” on Tuesday March 3rd. NSRLP as well as individual law students are inviting local SRLs to come to Windsor Law as our guests on this day. Five professors have opened their classes for the day , and SRLs will be [...]

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