January 21, 2016

The Rise of Online Courts

Continuing the theme of new developments online, a major new report in the United Kingdom (pp75-88) recommends the development of an online court (OC). The “Civil Courts Structure Review”, headed by Lord Justice Briggs, proposes “the first ever court to be designed in this country…. for use by litigants without lawyers.” Other features of the OC described in the Interim Report, released in December 2015, include an online application process, a built-in conciliation stage, and the use of video [...]


YouCounsel.ca: A New Service Model for SRLs

Typical of the trend we are seeing towards the development of new service and delivery business models aimed at SRLs is You Counsel, the brainchild of Amer Mustaq, a Toronto employment and human rights lawyer at Formative LLP. Amer has recently launched an online course to help self-represented litigants make their way through the small claims court system. Amer says, “Over the last few years, I noticed that I was unable to help a lot of potential clients simply [...]


NSRLP to Create National Database of “Professionals Assisting SRLs”

After noticing a sharp upswing in the number of lawyers offering unbundled legal services, as well as other professionals including para-legals, coaches and even editors offering services to SRLs, NSRLP is creating a Canada-wide database that will serve two purposes – an information resource for SRLs looking for affordable assistance, and a means of connecting the many different professionals interested in working with SRLs. The unbundling of legal services (or limited scope retainers (LSRs)) is just one adaptation that may [...]

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