The Next Generation of On-Line Resources for SRLs

The design and sophistication of web-based resources for SRLs has advanced a long way since the National Study (2013) reported that SRLs “…suggest(s) there are significant limitations and deficiencies to this material.” We are focusing this month on Action Step #5 – “Clearer court forms and processes and on-lines resources designed specifically for SRLs” – and want to highlight some especially promising initiatives. In BC: We heard a lot during the National Study about the stand-out website developed (and since enhanced) [...]


Canadian National Study to be replicated in the US

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS has announced funding for the replication of our Canadian study with SRLs filed in family court in the United States. The study will be conducted by researchers based at IAALS at the University of Denver. Researchers will conduct in-depth interviews with SRLs about their experiences, using the template developed by the Canadian study. NSRLP is acting as a consultant to the study which will commence in the Fall [...]


“How Can I Help You?” Clarifying Legal Advice/ Legal Information

NSRLP – in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Court Services and consultant John Greacen – recently completed a Legal Information/ Legal Advice pilot project that focused on clarifying the types of assistance and information that can be provided to SRLs by court services staff (“How Can I Help You?” Clarifying the Legal Advice/ Legal Information Distinction for Court Staff and the Public”, 2014). Revised guidelines for distinguishing legal information from legal advice were used as the basis [...]


Launching the NSRLP YouTube channel

We are excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel! To supplement our social media platform, we have added a NSRLP YouTube Channel to be able to offer you “face to face” stories of SRL experiences, as well as presentations by Dr Macfarlane describing the results of the National SRL Study, and ways to move forward. To kick off our channel, we are featuring a short (15 minute) professional video made by Julie for the British Columbia Benchers retreat [...]

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