NSRLP’s Summary Judgment Research Report

Described by one media commentator as “groundbreaking”, NSRLP has released its research report on how summary judgments are being used to dismiss cases involving SRLs before they reach trial. While the courts must struggle to weed out cases without merit, the numbers we discovered when we dug deeper into the CanLll database raise a serious access to justice issue. Setting aside cases where litigants are described as “vexatious” or where there are indicia of “vexatiousness”, the number of summary [...]


Announcing the Launch of our CanLll Primer – Now in French

We are delighted to announce that NSRLP’s CanLII Primer – which has received rave reviews, including from CanLll themselves – is now available in French. The translation was commissioned by CanLll immediately after the launch of the English version this summer. Click here for both versions. President of CanLll Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay says: “We are so excited to have been able to help make the CanLII Primer available for Francophone Canadians. CanLII is a valuable tool in access to justice and the CanLII [...]


Small Steps Towards Big Goals

The Family Justice & Mental Health Social Lab The Family Justice and Mental Health Social Lab at the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution aims to improve the family justice system experience for litigants with mental health challenges.  The Lab is led by York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School and supported by Legal Aid Ontario and the Ontario Psychological Association. The Lab takes a collaborative and user-centered approach to problem solving. It brings together experts such as social workers, lawyers, mental [...]

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