On Your Mind: What three changes to the justice system would you propose to make it more responsive to SRLs?

Matt Cohen (Director of Litigation Projects – Pro Bono Ontario) Making recommendations to improve the justice system is the easy part.  The hard part is implementing things in the foreseeable future that will help people who are struggling.  The changes below can directly assist SRLs within 1-2 years at low cost. Legal opinions for everyone seeking to start a Superior Court action.  It can be hard enough to navigate the justice system without an expert agent.  It is far worse to [...]


The Global Voice of the SRL: Brigitte Toy-Cronin

In New Zealand, Brigitte Toy-Cronin is interviewing SRLs in family and civil court about their experience. Self-representation is running just as high in New Zealand as in Canada, and up to now the new and controversial Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill will make self-representation mandatory in the early stages of many family court proceedings. Like the National SRL Study in Canada, Brigitte wants to find out more about what this experience is like for people and is using a website [...]


My Story: Rhonda Nordlander-Nalii

Rhonda contacted the SRL Project back in the Fall of 2012 when we were still interviewing participants. As a receptionist at a community legal clinic, Rhonda was accustomed to working with people who had legal problems and could not afford counsel – and then after an acrimonious divorce, she found herself in the same position. While Rhonda was legally aided for her initial divorce, this only covered the custody aspects of the case (which are in fact still in dispute, [...]

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