Introducing the “Self-Rep Navigators”

A Toronto-based lawyers group has launched the “Self-Rep Navigators” to direct legal services towards self-represented litigants. Described as “a hub for connecting self-represented litigants to supportive lawyers and high quality resources both online and offline”, Self-Rep Navigators is spearheaded by long-time NSRLP volunteer Heather Hui-Litwin and trial lawyer Michael Hassell. The Self-Rep Navigators aim to publicize the availability of unbundled and fixed-fee services for those unable to afford or uninterested in full representation, but who want assistance with their legal [...]


“Journey to Justice”: important new resource for SRLs (and their lawyer coaches)

We are delighted to recommend a new book written by SRL coach, lawyer Denice Barrie ( from Gabriola Island, B.C. Titled “Journey to Justice: A Practical Guide to Effectively Representing Yourself in Court”, Denice’s book is packed with practical ideas, to-do checklists, and supportive tips that draw on her extensive experience in legal practice and of working with self-represented litigants. “Journey to Justice” is organized in six sections that walk a SRL through the process of bringing their legal matter [...]


Small Steps Towards Big Goals

We are continuing our series that publicizes developments significant to Access to Justice and in particular to SRLs. With a goal as big as Access to Justice, we believe that all incremental steps should be promoted as widely as possible. The SRL game being developed at NuLawLab at Northeastern University has attracted a great deal of interest among SRLs. NSRLP has now connected NuLawLab with 50 SRLs who will be testing the game in the coming months. For further information, [...]

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