Judges and SRLs: Opening A Dialogue

Judges and SRLs: Opening A Dialogue

Justice David Price

This week’s episode, a conversation with Ontario Superior Court Justice David Price, is a little different from our usual fare. The aim of this episode is to present some important and practical information about how to successfully navigate the legal process as a self-represented litigant in family court. Justice Price addresses how and why to craft a just and durable settlement in a family dispute, and provides a host of practical tips for family SRLs. We’d also like to hear from you – what questions do you have for Justice Price? We’ll pick some for him to answer in a follow up to this conversation in the new year. Email representingyourself@gmail.com with your questions! In Other News, the Law Society of Ontario opens the door for family services from paralegals, the Ontario government makes updates to the justice system, and the Quebec ban on face coverings is challenged and stayed.

Justice Price’s Resources for SRLs

Order Template – This template can be used in part or in full by a family litigant to propose an order to be made at a settlement conference by a judge. The template provides language that can be used, by cutting and pasting the relevant sections for your own case.

Order Template

Trial Scheduling Endorsement Form – This is the form that family litigants need to complete to set their case down for a trial, in the event that it cannot be settled.

Trial Scheduling Endorsement Form

In Other News:

Law Society of Ontario expanding scope of paralegals

Read Julie’s new blog post about this step forward for A2J in Ontario

Ontario making it easier to access justice services online

Judge grants stay of Quebec’s controversial ban on face coverings


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  • Mavaddat Javid

    Is it correct that the resources here are specific to the Ontario court?

    December 5, 2017 at 12:49 am
    • NSRLP

      Hi Mavaddat, this is correct, however the consent order is going to work as a country wide template for language on settlement.

      December 5, 2017 at 9:59 am

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