Justices Speak Up for Unbundling: The Video

Justices Speak Up for Unbundling: The Video

In this specially made video, judicial leaders across Canada encourage lawyers to offer unbundled services, and increase Access to Justice for all Canadians.

Chief Justice Robert Bauman of British Columbia, Chief Justice Michael MacDonald of Nova Scotia, and Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco of the Superior Court of Ontario strongly encourage lawyers to offer unbundling, and stop being deterred by some of the myths about limited scope services.

As the Justices point out, provincial law societies have studied and approved unbundling (many have discrete rules in their Codes of Conduct) and legal insurers (for example, LawPro) offer full indemnity. Complaints and malpractice suits are extremely uncommon for this type of service.

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    November 10, 2016 at 6:38 pm
  • Shelly

    We need this in Saskatchewan, we have absolutely nothing to help with any legal issues that pop up unexpectedly. Not all of us have an additional $30,000 – $50,000 to defend a case brought against you. I think we need to put in a law that if someone charges you and you prove it is unfounded they should have to pay your legal fees including your lawyer’s bill.

    It would sure deter those people who choose to waste the courts time with issues that’s have no merit. Something drastic has to take place this is all getting out of control.

    People are scamming innocent people with no consequences, if they were held responsible for the lawyers costs they would, maybe, think twice about taking someone to court with vexatious intents. Hit them in the pocket book.

    Anyone with a better idea?

    November 28, 2016 at 8:49 pm
    • Rob Harvie


      I would tend to agree that something closer to what we call “full indemnity” would be beneficial. There is (in my opinion) too much unneeded litigation in the system where the risk of full legal cost awards would reduce that substantially. If you feel strongly, I would encourage you to send your concerns to your local MLA and your Justice Minister.

      December 7, 2016 at 4:59 pm
      • Shelly

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and reply Rob, greatly appreciate it, I have to say you are the first person in a year of contacting everyone I can think of in Canada.

        I am in the middle of the best scam going and I am fighting for my life. It is a cross province legal battle and there is not one lawyer I have contacted that will take my case as the financial hardship I will suffer is in excess of $30,000 and could go as high as $50,000 and would put me in financial ruin. I would not be able to recover the costs without a second trial which could take years. The Saskatchewan lawyers say they have no jurisdiction in Ontario, the Ontario lawyers say they can’t help because I live in Saskatchewan. The lawyers that have spoke to me have asked how much of a retainer I can afford to give up front. when I tell them $2,000 they laugh and say there isn’t a lot I can get done for that amount of money. They want a $10,000 retainer before they will even speak to me. I have all the necessary evidence to prove this is a scam, however, the Ontario lawyer involved does not play by the rules and is extremely unethical. I have had to report him to the Law Society of Upper Canada which has been under investigation for the last 2 months and I still have not heard anything.

        Which is why I say that we need to have these scammers pay a heavy penalty for destroying peoples lives. Currently they suffer absolutely no consequences, if they had to pay my legal fees scamming innocent people would be a little less enticing.

        I have contacted the RCMP and there is an open criminal investigation into this scam. I have contacted the Saskatchewan Premiers Office and was told he will not take my calls, he will not accept correspondence from me and will not make an appointment to discuss my situation. I was very politely told to contact the MPs office located in Yorkton.

        So I did and again was very politely told that they cannot assist me in a legal matter either and was told to contact the MLA in my riding, which was quickly retracted and I was told that because it is a legal matter I would have to contact a lawyer. the assistant is very sympathetic and listened to me complain but the end result is the same they cannot help me.

        So I contacted the Saskatchewan Minister of Justice and was told once again that they could not assist me with a legal matter and I was to file a complaint against the RCMP.

        There is no government agency that I have found that will step in and help me and there are absolutely no resources available to me that will not put me in financial ruin. It is the perfect scam. So I am defending myself with absolutely no legal back ground and absolutely no guidance, except what is available to me on the internet.

        So far I have made some crucial mistakes due to lack of information regarding the appropriate forms to fill out, filing procedures and the next steps to take. I intend to fight my way through this to the end, regardless of the out come, with hope and a prayer that I will be victorious and I will be heard.

        I hope to prevent this from happening to anyone else as this is the absolute worst, horrifying experience I have gone through in my life it has consumed my life and possibly destroyed my marriage. The stress is unbearable at times, with no sleep and with no one willing to listen, no one cares because, as the RCMP Cyber Task Force in Regina told me, “unless I suffer a million dollar loss they will not investigate my situation”.

        The problem is no one will listen long enough to find out all the facts, if they did they would find that there are so many levels to this scam and its the system that needs to be changed. these criminals have found the loop holes and we need to fill in those holes, but if no one will listen they will just keep hurting people. Not everyone is as stubborn and bull headed as I am.

        Lawyers who are found conducting unethical practices that go against the laws of human rights, honesty and integrity, that they swore an oath to practice by, should be stripped of their license and prohibited from practicing law or working in a position of authority of any kind period. By going against the basic principles that the Canadian Justice System is designed around proves they do not respect authority or the law. My research has shown that a small fine is given and in rare cases a light suspension, that certainly does not deter anyone from being dishonest when they are making the money they make and living the life style that steeling provides them.

        The criminals that learn where the law is flawed and use it to their advantage are making it rich and why would they stop if there are no consequences, no one will stop them, cuz no one will listen and they know that, which is why they continue.

        December 9, 2016 at 12:13 am

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