Jennifer Muller

Jennifer Muller

Jennifer has an M.A. in Human Learning and Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She has worked for the North Vancouver school district for the past 18 years as a District Counsellor and has also been a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Education at UBC. Jennifer has been a Self Represented Litigant in the Supreme Court of British Columbia for numerous interim hearings as well as represented herself during a 9 day trial. Jennifer has a keen interest in civil rights and is currently involved in several initiatives related to advocacy for Self Represented Litigants.

Why do you choose to participate on the Board?

“I am pleased to participate on the board because of the importance of SRLs’ voices being included and heard in the continued dialogue about the issues surrounding this true phenomenon. I hope that I can contribute the SRL point of view to many of our discussions and projects.”

What does “Access to Justice” mean to you?:

“For me, A2J means that our legal system belongs to all Canadians. A2J means that each individual in our society is an equal stakeholder in our legal system and that we all can access this system regardless of socio economic status, gender, race or annual income.”

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