New Self-Help Book Geared Towards SRLs

New Self-Help Book Geared Towards SRLs

In ”Representing Yourself in Court: How to Win Your Case on Your Own”, Devlin Farmer uses his experience as a lawyer to create a resource-rich tool that offers SRLs insight into complex court processes and the “tricks of the trade” used by lawyers.

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“Representing Yourself in Court” provides an overview of the process a SRL can expect, from beginning to end, when they file in family or civil court. Devlin encourages the reader to consider alternative dispute resolution methods prior to commencing litigation and provides practical ideas about how to resolve a dispute at an early stage. The book is split into two parts – “Before Trial” and “The Trial and Beyond” – which takes the reader through the journey they may undergo when they proceed with litigation. Topics include: how to learn the law related to a legal issue, how to carry out an examination in discovery, how to prepare for trial, and how to examine and cross-examine witnesses.

Definitions and examples are provided throughout the book to help illuminate legal processes and important technicalities. Devlin also helps the reader to understand the reasoning behind some court procedures (questions often raised by SRLs). The writing style is easy to understand and offers practical advice for SRLs. There is an accompanying downloadable kit that provides an array of tools, such as: sample motion wordings, sample opening statements, sample clauses for agreements, and a glossary of legal terms.

You can order “Representing Yourself in Court” here.

Gurleen Gill, NSRLP Research Assistant

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  • William Wu

    Can i see this sample book in library in london ontario?

    May 25, 2016 at 1:49 am

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