NSRLP Working to Advance US Study of SRLs

NSRLP Working to Advance US Study of SRLs

Following the announcement of funding for a US study of the SRL experience in five states (https://representingyourselfcanada.com/2014/06/27/canadian-national-study-to-be-replicated-in-the-us/) Julie and Sue have been working with the US research team at the University of Denver.

The US study will follow the same research design as the Canadian study and will focus on collecting the stories and experiences of litigants in family courts. Interest is running high in the US – a number of state courts have already expressed enthusiasm about being part of the study, and a selection process will take place over the next month.

All participants in the US study will be referred – via study flyers and postcards – to the resources and continuing work of the NSRLP. US participants will be encouraged to access our resources and to participate in NSRLP initiatives. As well, NSRLP will have full access to the data collected by the US research team and Julie will be a co-author on the final report.

We are excited at this opportunity to extend the work that we have done in Canada and to welcome both US justice system professionals and SRLs to the NSRLP website.

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