NSRLP’s Updated and Expanded SRL / A2J Annotated Bibliography

NSRLP’s Updated and Expanded SRL / A2J Annotated Bibliography

This week we are posting version 3 of NSRLP’s SRL / A2J bibliography https://representingyourselfcanada.com/annotated-bibliography/

This resource has been growing since its first iteration, at the Dialogue Event in May 2013, and now includes summaries of articles, reports and news reports from around the world. It is available for download and use by students, SRLs, practitioners and indeed anyone interested in digging a little deeper into the growing literature on the SRL Phenomenon and the Access to Justice crisis.

Version 3 has been re-organized into three sections (Canada, US, Other Jurisdictions) and some sub-groups within sections to assist the user in finding the material they are most interested in. A total of 25 articles are included in the Canadian section, 40 in the US section and another 24 noted under other jurisdictions.

Katrina Trask, our December Access to Justice All-Star – https://representingyourselfcanada.com/2014/12/15/access-to-justice-all-star-katrina-trask/ – played a big part in this round of research, reading, summarizing and re-organization, and Erin Chesney, one of our Research Assistants, helped us with some final summaries and edits. We shall continue to update the bibliography every 3 months and we welcome your suggestions for pieces to include.

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