“Rebuilding Public Trust” Graphic by Margaret Hagan

“Rebuilding Public Trust” Graphic by Margaret Hagan

We have been delighted to work with Margaret Hagan, a graduate of Stanford Law School and increasingly recognized graphic artist, on an illustration for our December theme of “Rebuilding Public Trust in the Justice System” (Action Step #10).

Combining law and design, Margaret’s vision is informed by her work on international human rights (she has a doctorate in international human rights from the University of Belfast). She is fascinated by the potential of design and visual images to enable disenfranchised groups to “level the playing field” and gain a voice in the political process.

The imagery, brilliant colours, and vivacity of Margaret’s design for NSRLP bring home in a new and important way the importance of building trust and dialogue among all justice system stakeholders, with the public at the centre of this process. Margaret’s vision underscores the need for law to be “accessible, useful and engaging” http://www.margarethagan.com and the impact of visual images on our consciousness and awareness – as well as simply making us smile to look at them.

We shall be using both the complete and the smaller image that Margaret has created for NSRLP not only this month but throughout the coming year on our social media, to advance our shared goal of engaging more and more Canadians in thinking about and working on our access to justice challenge. A big thank you to Margaret from the NSRLP team, and hopes for many future collaborations.

Rebuilding Trust Clip

Rebuilding the Public Trust - v3-01-2

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  • jki@canlaw.com

    12:42:48 Her childish cartoons are hardly appropriate, make you look amateurish

    December 10, 2014 at 5:43 pm

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