Sage Advice from a Trusted Source about Using Mediation

Sage Advice from a Trusted Source about Using Mediation

We are delighted to offer visitors to the NSRLP website, and especially SRLs, excerpts from two chapters from Genevieve Chornenki’s latest edition (5th) edition of “Bypass Court: A Dispute Resolution Handbook”, reprinted with permission from LexisNexis Canada Inc.. The book can be purchased here.

For more than a decade, “Bypass Court” has been a leading Canadian text covering the pros and cons of resolving your legal case outside the courtroom. Chornenki is a widely respected Ontario-based mediator and author whose practical, commonsense approach to using mediation effectively has won her many fans over the years, and a number of dispute resolution awards.

If you are thinking about ways to try to negotiate a fair outcome in your case, you are recommended to review Chornenki’s chapters on choosing a dispute resolution process and on mediation . Reading these chapters in combination with “Settlement Smarts for SRLs” will offer a practical and comprehensive introduction to your future efforts to resolve your case.

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