Self-Represented Litigants’ Response to “the Rights and Responsibilities of Self-Represented Litigants”

Self-Represented Litigants’ Response to “the Rights and Responsibilities of Self-Represented Litigants”

SLAW – In my 28 August 2015 post, “The Rights and Responsibilities of Self-represented Litigants,” I reproduced a document intended to sketch out, like the name suggests, the reasonable expectations that litigants without counsel should have as they make their way through the legal system, and their concurrent obligation to attempt to acquire a reasonable understanding of legal processes. This caught the eye of Julie Macfarlane, professor at the University of Windsor and director of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project, who arranged for the document to be reviewed and commented open by a number of the self-represented individuals who have been involved in the NSRLP in the past.

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  • sandra olson

    first and foremost, we have the right to expect the court to actually follow their own rules., no matter who is being the representative. a lawyer, or ourselves. unfortunately that is not the fact. if you are self represented, the rules of court no matter how well researched, do not apply. this is hippocracy at its worst. next and equally important, we have the right to full and accurate disclosure. not based on how we demand it, but full disclosure because we are ENTITLED TO IT. hiding evidence, to win your case, is a criminal act, this is regularly done by lawyers in cases in every court imaginable, and judges know this. yet they allow it. the court system itself is a common act of criminal intent. thirdly, we have the right to be heard by judges with some knowledge of the issue before them. if they do not, what are they doing there. here’s a thought, case rotation. not a guarantee of justice to the public if they have limited knowledge of the issue being presented. fourth and finally, why is it that no one listens to the self represented. I presented all evidence to support EVERYTHING I said. it was not just an affidavit. I provided proof of what I was saying,,, it was completely disregarded. basically, the judicial system is just not willing to listen to anything they don’t like. or even substantiated proof of this truth. the judges and lawyer, all criminals in my opinion,, need to get their heads out of their asses, and start dealing honestly with people.

    November 16, 2015 at 3:51 am

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