Weinstein And Ghomeshi: Outing Sexual Predators

Weinstein And Ghomeshi: Outing Sexual Predators

Kevin Donovan, journalist

This week Julie talks to Toronto Star journalist Kevin Donovan, who broke the Jian Ghomeshi sex abuse scandal in 2014. Kevin and Julie discuss the role of the press in exposing powerful sexual predators, in light of the recent revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In other news, Jumping Off the Ivory Tower will take a break next week, but will be back on November 6th with a look at Islamophobia in our culture, including the recent Quebec ban on facial-coverings.


See Kevin’s book on the Ghomeshi story: Secret Life

Read actor Sarah Polley’s editorial on Weinstein (Toronto Star)

Listen to “The Daily” podcast episode featuring the journalists who broke the Weinstein story

In Other News:

Quebec passes law banning facial coverings in public (The Guardian)

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