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The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) is committed to advancing understanding of the challenges and hard choices facing the very large numbers of Canadians who now come to court without counsel.

The NSRLP works to promote dialogue and collaboration among all those affected by the self-represented litigant phenomenon, both justice system professionals and litigants themselves. We regularly publish resources designed specifically for SRLs, as well as research reports that examine the implications for the justice system.

Facts about Self-Representation

86% of SRLs in the National Study were looking for legal assistance.

53% of SRLs in the National Study had previously retained a lawyer but had run out of funds.

In urban centres almost 80% of family litigants are filing unrepresented.

Latest News and Blogs

Putting the Brakes on Summary Judgments Against SRLs

At NSRLP we were thrilled to see the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Khan v. Krylov & Company... read more

The Newer Lawyer and the Client Revolution

Last week the significantly revised second edition of my 2008 book The New Lawyer came out (available on Amazon,... read more

A Tale of Two Systems: A Modern-Day Fable

Our medical system is far from perfect – as a patient for the last seven years I am aware... read more

The Change & Advocacy Blog: How We Each Can Do Our Bit

We were honored by the award of another CLAWBIE for this blog at the end of 2016 in a... read more

What Do the Cosby Mistrial, Climate Change Denial, and Perceptions of SRLs Have in Common?

A Pennsylvania jury has failed to reach the necessary unanimous verdict in the prosecution of Bill Cosby for sexually... read more

NSRLP Summer Team

We’re very pleased to announce that our NSRLP team has grown, and this summer we have three wonderful new... read more

SRL Awareness Day – and the Access to Justice Certificate Program

We are delighted to announce that it appears at least four Ontario law schools – Windsor, Ottawa, Osgoode and... read more

Watch out for the Fifth and Latest Version of the NSRLP’s Access to Justice Annotated Bibliography!

The NSRLP has released Version 5 of our Access to Justice Annotated Bibliography. The Access to Justice Annotated Bibliography is... read more

Resources for SRLs

Provincial Resources for SRLs

Click here to view our regularly updated Provincial Resources for SRLs. If you have a suggestion for an additional physical... read more

“My Learned Friend”: Building Constructive Working Relationships Between Self-Represented Litigants and Opposing Counsel

Working with Opposing Counsel We know from our research that many SRLs will find that the other side in the... read more

The McKenzie Friend: Choosing and Presenting a Courtroom Companion

A Courtroom Companion NSRLP is proud to present its latest SRL guide, The McKenzie Friend: Choosing and Presenting a Courtroom... read more

Mindfulness Training and Stress-Reduction for SRLs

Mindfulness Training We are pleased and proud to announce another new NSRLP resource written and developed specifically for SRLs. “What... read more

The CanLII Primer

The Can Lii Primer (Eng) The Can Lii Primer (Fre) The NSRLP is proud to launch our latest resource for SRLs NSRLP... read more

Working with SRLs: Ideas and Suggestions from the Bench

A small Working Group of judges, representing jurisdictions across Canada, and who hear SRLs on a regular basis in... read more

Settlement Smarts for SRLs

Settlement Smarts Julie Macfarlane with the help of research assistants Hannah Bahmanpour and Katrina Trask has created a “how to”... read more

Coping with the Courtroom

Coping with the Courtroom Announcing “Coping with the Courtoom: Essential Information and Tips for SRLs” , written by Hannah Bahmanpour... read more

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