Flip Your Wig Campaign 2016 – Julie is an A2J Ambassador

This year’s Flip Your Wig campaign –aiming to raise awareness and money in support of Access to Justice organizations in Ontario – features 10 Access to Justice “Ambassadors”. We are happy that the work of the NSRLP has been recognized by the appointment of Julie Macfarlane as an Ambassador – even if it means that Julie will be seen in a variety of shots wearing a lawyer’s or judge’s wig this month. Flip Your Wig 2016 aims to raise $80,000 [...]


Dr. Valarie Waboose, member of the Walpole Island First Nation, joins NSRLP Advisory Board

Recently appointed to the faculty at Windsor Law, Valarie Waboose has accepted an invitation to become a member of the NSRLP Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helps to set NSRLP’s strategies and priorities, and Board members make substantial individual contributions to our work. The Board decided at its last meeting that our 2016 strategic planning needed to include a focus on the particular needs and interests of First Nations Canadians as SRLs, given the dearth of data on access [...]


NSRLP’s 2016 “Bring a SRL to School Day” will be Monday March 14th

In 2015, NSRLP launched “Bring a SRL to School Day”. The purpose of this project is to build awareness among law students of the challenges that self-represented litigants face and the impact SRLs have on the justice system. Last year 6 SRLs came to Windsor Law for the day. The SRLs joined the students for classes – including lectures on Contracts, Family Law and Civil Procedure and a seminar class on The Legal Profession. The SRLs also shared personal [...]


Mindfulness Training and Stress-Reduction for SRLs

Mindfulness Training We are pleased and proud to announce another new NSRLP resource written and developed specifically for SRLs. “What Can Mindfulness Training Do for You? A Resource for Self-Represented Litigants” has been designed and written – along with an accompanying video – by Mindfulness Trainer Charlotte Thaarup-Owen. Julie and Charlotte met last September at a workshop in Melbourne. Julie was there to speak about self-represented litigants. In the course of their conversation about the debilitating impact stress can have on [...]

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