Mindfulness Training and Stress-Reduction for SRLs

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We are pleased and proud to announce another new NSRLP resource written and developed specifically for SRLs. “What Can Mindfulness Training Do for You? A Resource for Self-Represented Litigants” has been designed and written – along with an accompanying video – by Mindfulness Trainer Charlotte Thaarup-Owen.

Julie and Charlotte met last September at a workshop in Melbourne. Julie was there to speak about self-represented litigants. In the course of their conversation about the debilitating impact stress can have on SRLs – who in addition to managing their own case, are often trying to cope with responsibilities at work and at home – Julie asked Charlotte if she would be willing to turn her expertise and extensive experience as a mindfulness trainer to the task of developing a resource designed for SRLs.

What Can Mindfulness Training Do for You? A Resource for Self-Represented Litigants” is the result of our collaboration. Its aim is to make mindfulness practice a practical, concrete, and accessible stress-reduction tool for SRLs.

Charlotte says: “I am delighted to offer this resource for self-represented litigants in partnership with Julie and the team.   I know from both personal and professional experience the impact that stress has on us physically, emotionally and mentally as well as on our relationships. Life is too short to just limp through, and mindfulness provides a window for a little space and grace – I invite you to give it a try.”

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