Can We Talk? NSRLP’s Communications Focus

Can We Talk? NSRLP’s Communications Focus

“(W)e need to communicate much better with each one another about what really matters if we want to make the justice system and the legal profession better for everyone – and once we have had some practice, we need to talk with the public.” ( NSRLP will be focusing on a theme of communication over the next three months. We believe that better communication – open, bold and respectful as above – is at the heart of our efforts to address the A2J crisis.

Each of us could do better – but we shall be highlighting just a few examples including, how lawyers communicate with clients about what is important to them; how the legal profession communicates with the public; how the judiciary communicates with individual SRLs and with the public; and how SRLs communicate with those working inside the justice system about their frustrations and needs.

NSRLP has always emphasized open communication among justice system stakeholders (for example our regular dialogue groups) and between system actors and the public (for example, drawing on our Speakers Bank and our broader database of SRLs: NSRLP resources, available on the website, are all open source access, including our You Tube videos. We participate actively in multiple social media channels (join our twitter-verse discussions by adding the #a2j hashtag to your tweets).

Over the next few months we will be highlighting initiatives taking place across the country that focus on improving communication, exchanging and sharing information, and listening to the public. We shall also be promoting some specific initiatives, including a client feedback survey for lawyers. We shall be making the survey template available shortly on the NSRLP website for download to any lawyer or law firms wishing to gather data (private, anonymous) from their clients on how effectively they are communicating with them and meeting their needs.

There are many obstacles to open and effective communication including stereotypes, misunderstandings, language, and cultural barriers. NSRLP is committed to improving existing channels of communication and to encouraging new fora in which A2J issues can be debated and addressed, despite these challenges.


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  • sandra olson

    we most certainly can talk,, but as you might have noticed from some of the comments being made,, the problem from the position of the people being victimized because we are self represented,, and the prospective of the persons like yourselfs who do not always witness the deceit, abusive etc that is being inflicted on us, so you would think we just needed to know the law better and the courts needed to bend a bit to hear us. the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that the abuse and criminal deceipt inflicted on us by the courts themselves be stopped. the sleight of hand that is being used in the courts to hide things and to get the orders to continue to declare us vexatious. all of this must stop. it is the business as normal for the courts and the justice system as a whole. unless you are equally criminal,, you are going to be shocked and appalled by this behavior, and by the time you realize it is happening,, the courts have kicked you to the curb. no amount of communication stops bullying like this. it is a requirement for any communication to work at all. otherwise, you are wasting your breath. and inviting us to do the same.

    April 16, 2015 at 5:36 pm
  • Larry Doucet

    It’s this just strictly an American site or Canadian?

    Sent from my iPad


    April 16, 2015 at 8:36 pm
  • Larry E Doucet

    What happens when your harrases bullied and tortured by the RCMP,for calling for help and instead they the RCMP lay all kinds of false charges because it’s easies to blame it on one person then a dozen crooks who really know how to play the system,and me making quite a few complaints to the RCMP complaint Board,and having the lawyers or QC you call them lying for the RCMP and contradicted all the complaints you have made,and no lawyers on your side,and then me calling the RCMP complaint board and finding out they don’t have any lawyers another Waite of money,I think another problem is they are Hugh in numbers I mean the RCMP and I hope they never get to have Generals in there system,that would be a serious problem another thing people are afraid to speak out there back up by guns and bullets and in there mind there honest and the public are all crooked,because there spoiled and given what they want,just like the rum running days now another thing are drugs,the RCMP wait till they been selling drugs for quite awhile and wait till they got lots of money to raid getting a lot of money and a lawyers makes a lot of money,what a game that’s what it is a money game and putting only what they want on the news and media to make them look good,but what they do wrong is hardly never heard of and hid from the public,I hope something is done for these layers and as far as them saying the courts will decided that is the biggest crime and foolishness I ever heard,what about the person that’s good no money,and I’m going to tell you they the RCMP the crown and the judge tried to pass me as crazy probably because I wouldn’t give I’d figured 10,000$ To pne of his buddies,I’m not crazy and I know what they were up to when they were breaking in my house four times I new they were trying to find me with a gun out of my gun case to really wrongfully convict me but I’m not a murderer like some here in our own town of Digby Nova Scotia which I will not name a member of the RCMP got away with two murders and was given a pension for doing so, there asses are covered up by there racy QC and as long as this is going on we are going to keep our dictatorship,I hear a lot of thing the public says about the justice system but people are scared they might retailiate,I can’t see how whom ever is trying to make things better going to work,look at the Jews they were force to walk in line some and machine gun one at a time or gas they couldn’t do anything ,when you got a big force it’s dangerous and every province should have there own police force,to stop this,they look after the prime minister give horses to the queen,those who work for the system don’t there to speak out there only there for the money and big pensions like there all after,get yourself on the government parole a take what you want the taxpayers got lots of money let the poor slaves work.
    Larry E Doucet

    April 16, 2015 at 10:08 pm
  • twechar

    When indifference to SRL’s is overcome by a certain faction of judges and many lawyers,more success of “Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law” will be achieved.However, it is still going to require the will to keep fighting this uphill battle and never quit.

    April 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm

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