NSRLP Releases 2014 Annual Report

NSRLP Releases 2014 Annual Report

Sue Rice, Project Manager and Research Co-ordinator, has produced a review of our work during 2014 which shows the extent to which NSRLP has influenced the national conversation about self-representation. We were shocked to realize that we had done 80 media interviews since the SRL Study got underway in early 2012 (and 12 already so far this year). We are especially proud of the level of SRL participation via our conference Speakers Bank and requests for focus group and resource testers, as well as the number of SRLs we have introduced to the media in order that they could tell their story in their own words. Despite this progress, this is one statistic that we are hoping to further improve on in 2015.

The three NSRLP mandates of research, resource development and dialogue & collaboration will continue to guide our strategic planning for 2015. The Annual Report demonstrates how these mandates combine with our media strategy to raise awareness of the obstacles faced by those who come to court without a lawyer, and the ways in which all parts of the system need to adapt and change to address this reality.

Think you know everything we did last year? You might be surprised – at NSRLP we all agreed that reading the Annual Report made us feel tired! You can browse the NSRLP 2014 Annual Report here

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