February Newsletter

A Newsletter for Everyone Concerned About & Affected By Self-Representation


Sue is assisting with training family court staff in Nova Scotia on working with SRL’s (lead trainer: Johh Greacen) February 27-28. Julie is delivering a public lecture titled “The Self-Represented Litigant Phenomenon: Consequences for Justice Services and Justice Seekers” at the University of Victoria on March 19th Julie is conducting a full day training workshop for lawyers and mediators called “The Self-Represented Litigant Phenomenon:What it Means for Dispute Resolution Professionals and How We Might Respond” in Vancouver on March 20th Julie is delivering a [...]


Listening to SRL’s and including them as system stakeholders

We have embarked on a strategy of highlighting one Action Step each month in our events, social media postings and the SRL blog in an effort to draw national attention to that issue. In February, we focused on “How We Think About Change” (Action Step 1), making this the subject of several provocative blogs and launching a new “Water Cooler” blog to encourage discussions and debate over the questions we are raising. In March, our focus will be Action Step 2, [...]


My Story: Janice Etter

When Janice Etter filed a claim in small claims court in November 2009, she never imagined what awaited her. When she found herself and her partner the victim of a scam. Janice brought her lawsuit to try to recover money she had lost to a con-artist, thinking that in the “people’s court” (small claims) she would not need to pay for legal counsel – “we never dreamt we would need one for this”. Having met Janice in person, she is [...]


NSRLP Updates

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Our on-line Annotated Bibliography is now available and will be updated on the website each month. It now contains over 100 items from scholarly journals, news media and other sources of new and research about the SRL phenomenon. Coping with the Courtroom: Essential SRL Tips & Information is a 20 page primer designed to help SRLs with all aspects of self-care, preparation and court appearance know-how. Coping with the Courtroom reflects what SRLs told us that they needed to know and [...]


The Global Voice of the SRL: England and Wales

Major changes in legal aid regulations in England and Wales which came into effect in April 2013 have resulted in more than half a million individuals who previously qualified for help with the costs of legal representation losing this assistance. Cases excluded from the ambit of legal aid now include debt, welfare benefits, employment, family law, non-asylum immigration, consumer or contract disputes, and criminal injury cases. Roger Smith, a longtime access to justice advocate, has written that “These cuts [...]

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