May 28, 2015

NSRLP’s Strategic Plan

In September 2014, the NSRLP Advisory Board began a discussion about how to set priorities and devise strategies for maximum effectiveness for our small but nationally prominent organization. What is the NSRLP’s core mission, what does it do that is different and necessary from other A2J organizations, and how can we marshal our existing and new resources to advance these goals? We asked Board members at that in-person full day meeting to help us to frame a role for the NSRLP [...]


Tracking the Continuing Trends of the SRL Phenomenon: Data from the NSRLP, 2014-2015

Despite closing the formal SRL National Study in January 2013, we continue to hear every day from SRLs all over Canada (and occasionally from other countries – the NSRLP website had visitors from 91 different countries in 2014). Many of these SRLs are as eager to share the story of their experiences as our original study respondents. After months of exchanging emails with some of these SRLs, we eventually realized that we had a data collection opportunity. From March 2014, [...]


NSRLP Talks In Saskatchewan

Sue Rice, NSRLP Project Manager & Research Coordinator, was recently in Regina, Saskatchewan addressing the Ministry of Justice – Justice Innovation Division, and presenting the opening plenary for SATA (Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals Association) the provincial organization of administrative tribunal members and others involved in administrative justice. True to its name, the Justice Innovation Division team, lead by Glen Gardner, Assistant Deputy Minister, followed Sue’s presentation on “The SRL Phenomenon: Consequences for Justice Services and Justice Seekers” with a lively discussion [...]

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