NSRLP’s Strategic Plan

NSRLP’s Strategic Plan

In September 2014, the NSRLP Advisory Board began a discussion about how to set priorities and devise strategies for maximum effectiveness for our small but nationally prominent organization. What is the NSRLP’s core mission, what does it do that is different and necessary from other A2J organizations, and how can we marshal our existing and new resources to advance these goals?

We asked Board members at that in-person full day meeting to help us to frame a role for the NSRLP which would enable us to advocate strongly on the basis of evidence-based research, yet retain credibility as a national facilitator of dialogue. This is a difficult balancing act.

Last September our Board members expressed their commitment to continuing to place public engagement in justice system reform at the centre of our work and to continue to see this as the “special mission” of the NSRLP. In the words of Board member Jennifer Muller, “NSRLP enables a collective and legitimate voice – SRLs – that needs to be heard”. Windsor Dean Camille Cameron declared “One of the values of this project is the way in which SRLs have been integrated into our dialogue – this is an important part of our project. We should do more of this.”

The Board then formed a smaller working group – comprising Rob Harvie, Bill Bogart, Jennifer Muller and Board Chair John Manwaring, along with Julie and Sue – to develop a Strategic Plan and bring it back to the Board. In the course of our discussions over the last few months, we have found that while it is no easy balancing act to “position” the NSRLP as both an advocate for public engagement and consultation and a convener of collaboration and dialogue among SRLs and justice system professionals, we are clearer then ever about our mission and commitment to this goal.

The NSRLP Strategic Plan is now posted on the website and we very much welcome your comments and reactions. Please assume that like any plan, this will evolve over time and reflect changing needs and resources. The current Strategic Plan is an ambitious one, but we believe that it reflects what NSRLP can best do, what we are committed to doing, and what we shall work as hard as possible to achieve.




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  • Heather Hui-Litwin

    Wonderful plan! I especially like the “Bring an SRL to Law School Day” and the coaching clinic. I remember learning the rules of civil procedure not too long ago as a law student. It was all so abstract. I think that it really brings the law to life for law students to have the opportunity to speak to real life litigants. I believe students would also have benefited a great deal from experiential learning by participating in coaching clinics — Heather Hui-Litwin (Lawyer)

    June 3, 2015 at 2:59 pm

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