NSRLP Advisory Board Meets in Windsor

The NSRLP Advisory Board held their annual face-to-face meeting at Windsor Law on September 26th. We appreciate very much the effort our Board members made to come to Windsor, where we could have a deeper and more engaged discussion than in our usual conference call format. The meeting reviewed the work of the NSRLP over the last year and asked some of the challenging questions we continue to face, including: How do we work towards effective dialogue that incudes SRLs [...]


Public Responses to the “Open Letter”

We received a flood of comments from the public in response to the Open Letter to the Canadian Judiciary. The day of the Toronto Star in particular we broke all our previous social media records. The scale and tone of the public response showed how deeply the Open Letter touched ordinary Canadians, many of whom can relate to the experiences it describes. Many of the comments (made on our website, Facebook page, and on-line in response to the Toronto Star, Law [...]


Access to Justice All-Star: Darrel Pink

In Nova Scotia, Darrel Pink has been called the “eharmony” of access to justice because of his unique and important skills in collaboration and bringing together the right people to have the right conversations to be able to move forward access to justice projects and initiatives. Darrel is a visionary leader and a catalyst for change. He has initiated and hosted a forum on innovative legal services delivery and a workshop on working with self represented litigants, and developed [...]


Law & Design: A Perfect Match?

One of our new research assistants, Krysten Bortolotti, recently came across the amazing work of Margaret Hagan. Before going to Stanford Law School in 2010, Margaret worked on human rights and minority issues and became increasingly drawn to the idea of using design as a means of empowering these groups and expressing their needs. When Margaret started law school, she immediately saw the potential for design to enable better access to justice, especially for the huge number of Americans [...]

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