NSRLP Advisory Board Meets in Windsor

NSRLP Advisory Board Meets in Windsor

The NSRLP Advisory Board held their annual face-to-face meeting at Windsor Law on September 26th. We appreciate very much the effort our Board members made to come to Windsor, where we could have a deeper and more engaged discussion than in our usual conference call format.

The meeting reviewed the work of the NSRLP over the last year and asked some of the challenging questions we continue to face, including: How do we work towards effective dialogue that incudes SRLs as full stakeholders in justice system reform? Who speaks for SRLs? And how does NSRLP maintain its research focus at the same time as working to raise awareness of the SRL phenomenon and the challenges to access to justice for Canadians?

Julie also asked the Board to begin to think about the next 12 months of NSRLP’s operation and to develop a succession plan for when she moves on to other research projects. A small sub-group will examine some options in the coming months including how NSRLP is structured, its funding and location – presently within the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor – and how to engage the right leadership to enable NSRLP to continue to contribute to both raising the level of debate and developing resources and reforms that enhance access to justice for SRLs.

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  • Lisa

    I have to say it is rather frightening that Justice John Rooke is a member of this board after his well known 200 page rant Meade v Meade about SRL and how to mistreat and abuse them in court. Off course Meader v Meade misinforms people to think he is just talking about the Freemen. Needless to say Alberta’s Courts are literal hell hole for the SRL I am not impressed at all but the truth will out and my grandma always tell us thou shalt not keep bad company

    October 28, 2014 at 10:33 pm
  • NSRLP’s Strategic Plan | The National Self-Represented Litigants Project

    […] Last September our Board members expressed their commitment to continuing to place public engagement in justice system reform at the centre of our work and to continue to see this as the “special mission” of the NSRLP. In the words of Board member Jennifer Muller, “NSRLP enables a collective and legitimate voice – SRLs – that needs to be heard”. Windsor Dean Camille Cameron declared “One of the values of this project is the way in which SRLs have been integrated into our dialogue – this is an important part of our project. We should do more of this.” […]

    May 28, 2015 at 4:16 pm

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