Changing Faces in the Justice System

Changing Faces in the Justice System

Ranjan Agarwal, lawyer and incoming OBA Secretary

This week Julie talks with Ranjan Agarwal, partner at prestigious Toronto law firm Bennett Jones, about his (many!) appearances before the Supreme Court, about his thoughts on Access to Justice for Canada’s diverse population, and about his goals as incoming Secretary of the Ontario Bar Association. Plus, some recent thoughtful pieces on the future of legal education, and a plug for SRL Awareness Day, coming up on October 4th.

“In Other News” links:

Prof Gillian Hadfield on how law schools are failing students and society, and what can be done about it.

Daniel Fish on how new legal service models could open the door for new lawyers and for the under-serviced public.

Self-Represented Litigants Awareness Day is happening at law schools across Ontario on October 4th!

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