Introducing the NSRLP’s Newest Access to Justice All Star: Denice Barrie

Introducing the NSRLP’s Newest Access to Justice All Star: Denice Barrie

Our newest Access to Justice All-Star is Denice Barrie, the President and Founder of Waymark Law, located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Access to Justice is the focus of Denice’s legal practice, and she is a strong advocate for self-represented litigants. Waymark Law offers legal coaching, unbundled legal services, and research services for litigants who cannot afford full representation.

Denice was nominated by Sarah Khan, Coordinator, Intake and Referral Services, for the Legal Services Society in British Columbia. Sarah nominated Denice for her commitment to assisting her legal aid clients, and her tireless efforts above and beyond the representation, advice, and information that is formally required by the Legal Services Society. Denice is contracted by the Society to provide legal services in Nanaimo and Duncan on Vancouver Island. However, being the All-Star she is, Denice has also been instrumental in bringing legal services to the surrounding First Nations communities, and other rural and remote areas on the island.

Sarah tells us: “Without Denice on the island, doing what she has been doing all these years, I don’t know where many of our clients would be. She is a relentless advocate, supporter, and mentor to many on the island, not only to her clients, but to the staff, to the local community organizations, and to the private bar.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Denice over the years. The Legal Services Society has had the opportunity to benefit from Denice as an advocate, and from her commitment to clients who are overcoming barriers to the justice system. Denice is a visionary, who is innovative and passionate about her role within the justice system.”

Not only is Denice Barrie a lawyer, but she is also an author (her book , “Journey to Justice: A Practical Guide to Effectively Representing Yourself in Court” has previously been reviewed by NSRLP), a workshop leader, a program developer, and a social justice innovator.

For Denice, nothing is more meaningful or important than coaching and supporting self-represented litigants. Denice is truly an Access to Justice All-Star. Congratulations Denice!

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  • sandra olson

    I have new evidence in my paternity matter that supports the issues of fraud in the dna testing that I have been stating. it is a new independent dna review by a geneticist out of this country. I want to submit this to the courts, asking for the re opening of the case. I am now also suffering from PTSD. everytime I sit down to try to put this matter in order, I cannot. I need help with putting this in form to submit to the courts. I am in Chilliwack BC. Is there anyone who can help?

    May 24, 2017 at 1:24 pm

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