How Did We Do? NSRLP Annual Report 2015

How Did We Do? NSRLP Annual Report 2015

The NSRLP Advisory Board met in Windsor on November 27th and reviewed progress towards our 2015 strategic goals, including what we did as an organization during the course of the year. The NSRLP Annual Report describes our major activities under our three mandates of research, resource development and dialogue. The report also highlights NSRLP’s growing influence and impact via our social and other media statistics. NSRLP now has almost 3,000 direct social media followers and in the past 12 months our website was visited almost 30,000 times by visitors from 82 different countries!

Next week’s end-of-year blog will review just how far NSRLP travelled in 2015 towards our stated goals – and how much further we hope to go in 2016.

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