December 17, 2015

NSRLP Has Won a Clawbie!

2016 began with wonderful news for the NSRLP blog – we won a Clawbie (awards given annually for the top Canadian legal blogs) for the best non-lawyer audience blog (see The citation read as follows: “The National Self-Represented Litigants Project at the University of Windsor is at once perhaps the most important and most unsung access to justice initiative in North America. Regular updates on everything A2J-related, as well as a conversational tone and a commitment to practical solutions [...]


“The New Litigants”: A Documentary for CBC’s The National

This summer Sue and I worked for several weeks with a CBC TV crew investigating the SRL phenomenon, under the direction of veteran (and former Fifth Estate) executive producer Diane Grant. As well as filming here in Windsor and Kingsville, the crew also went to Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Alberta to conduct interviews with SRLs and legal system “insiders” that we facilitated. The result is a 19-minute documentary entitled “The New Litigants” which will air on CBC’s The National [...]


Upcoming NSRLP Projects 2016

Early 2016 promises a number of new NSRLP projects which we want to flag for your attention:  A research report and SRL resource (with Judith da Silva) on the use of MacKenzie Friends – companions who accompany SRLs into the courtroom to offer moral support – will be available in February 2016. A new SRL resource on emotional self-care and mindfulness (with Charlotte Tharup-Owen, Adelaide Australia, incorporating practical self-help tools designed to enable SRLs to manage the inevitable stresses of [...]


New Zealand SRL Research Identifies Same Trends and Draws Same Conclusions as other National Studies

For the past 3 years, we have been following the doctoral research of Bridgette Toy-Cronin at the University of Otago, New Zealand as she undertook empirical research on the SRL phenomenon in New Zealand. Bridgette’s methodology was in many aspects (for example directly interviewing SRLs and court services staff) similar to our own National SRL Study. Bridgette summarizes her results this way: “My research investigated why more and more people go to court without a lawyer in New Zealand, their experience of [...]


How Did We Do? NSRLP Annual Report 2015

The NSRLP Advisory Board met in Windsor on November 27th and reviewed progress towards our 2015 strategic goals, including what we did as an organization during the course of the year. The NSRLP Annual Report describes our major activities under our three mandates of research, resource development and dialogue. The report also highlights NSRLP’s growing influence and impact via our social and other media statistics. NSRLP now has almost 3,000 direct social media followers and in the past 12 months [...]


Sue’s Departure and NSRLP Future

After four years of dedicated work for NSRLP (and its predecessor, the National SRL Study), Sue Rice, our Project Manager and Research Co-ordinator is stepping down from her position on December 31. In addition to running NSRLP operations on a daily basis, Sue has been responsible for the creation of innumerable NSRLP projects and systems. While we cannot possibly replace Sue’s unique brand of creativity and energy, many of these initiatives will continue after her departure in the capable hands [...]

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