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Pro Bono Law Alberta is a nonprofit organization that promotes access to justice in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono (free) legal services to persons of limited means.


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  • Evert-Jan Steen

    In my research some years ago, I was amazed to notice how the Laws (Rules) in Canada’s provinces differ. Alberta, for instance, has NO Small Claims Court… WHY not? WHO decided that? And WHEN? After my case was dismissed in BC, based on ‘Lack of Jurisdiction,’ I discovered the Judge ERRED, only AFTER checking the Rules in Ontario! The DEFAULT rule {RULE 6.01 (1) FORUM AND JURISDICTION for filing a claim in Ontario is (a) “in the territorial division, (i) in which the cause of action arose, or (ii) in which the defendant resides…” The DEFAULT Rule in BC is REVERSED!. Irony here is that HAD I filed in Ontario, the judge could more correctly have stated a: “Lack of Jurisdiction” that I SHOULD have filed in BC! With Jurisdictional boundaries being eliminated with online businesses occurring globally these days, this type of insanity makes our legal system’s ‘due process’ a complete FARCE!

    September 16, 2014 at 5:14 pm

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