Upcoming NSRLP Projects 2016

Upcoming NSRLP Projects 2016

Early 2016 promises a number of new NSRLP projects which we want to flag for your attention:

  •  A research report and SRL resource (with Judith da Silva) on the use of MacKenzie Friends – companions who accompany SRLs into the courtroom to offer moral support – will be available in February 2016.
  • A new SRL resource on emotional self-care and mindfulness (with Charlotte Tharup-Owen, Adelaide Australia, themindfulnessclinic.com.au) incorporating practical self-help tools designed to enable SRLs to manage the inevitable stresses of navigating the legal system. “Taking Care of Yourself” will be available in January 2016.
  •  “A Public Participation Report Card” is a report on the public participation “audit” conducted by Board Member Rob Harvie that exposes the extent (perhaps more accurately described as the limits) of the direct involvement of public representatives (both litigants and SRLs) in law reform and access to justice initiatives across Canada.

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