NSRLP’s 2016 “Bring a SRL to School Day” will be Monday March 14th

NSRLP’s 2016 “Bring a SRL to School Day” will be Monday March 14th

In 2015, NSRLP launched “Bring a SRL to School Day”. The purpose of this project is to build awareness among law students of the challenges that self-represented litigants face and the impact SRLs have on the justice system. Last year 6 SRLs came to Windsor Law for the day. The SRLs joined the students for classes – including lectures on Contracts, Family Law and Civil Procedure and a seminar class on The Legal Profession. The SRLs also shared personal stories and experiences navigating through our justice system with faculty and students during a lunchtime panel discussion.

The event brings SRLs together with law students in the hopes of providing future lawyers with a better understanding of the challenges faced by self-represented litigants face, and deepen their understanding of the potential for legal services innovations for those who cannot afford full representation.   At its heart, the event shows the “faces” of self-representation, and the challenges of Access to Justice in Canada.

This year we are planning our own “Bring a SRL to School Day” on March 14th as well as expanding the event to 2 other Ontario law schools (Osgoode Hall and Ottawa). Stay tuned for more details! NSRLP research assistant Gurleen Gill is the event co-ordinator, and she can be contacted at representingyourselfcanada@gmail.com

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  • Nic

    Another good innovation would be to take a “seasoned ” judge or deputy judge who still wants to practice on one of these school days…they have a lot to be sensitized to and often need refresher courses …in front of them , the SRL has no recourse… and must accept the ” verdict “

    February 11, 2016 at 3:10 am
  • Why Law Students should Care about Self-Represented Litigants and Access to Justice – NSRLP

    […] out “Bring a SRL to School Day” which took place last academic year at three Ontario law schools. We hope to expand this program in […]

    September 8, 2016 at 2:44 pm

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