Summer Research Publications

Posted by: NSRLP Category: About, NSRLP News Comments: 0 Post Date: July 11, 2018

NSRLP has been releasing regular research reports this summer, with three already launched and another three in the pipeline.

If you are looking for something to read this summer…

Upcoming in the next few months are more reports based on the SRL Case Law Database dealing with punitive and substantial cost awards against SRLs, the developing caselaw on judicial assistance for SRLs in the year since the Supreme Court of Canada decided Pintea v Johns, and an analysis of the use and impact of both formal vexatious litigant designations and the “labelling” of SRLs as vexatious in judicial decision-making across the country.

Also, watch for our announcement this Fall, when we plan to mount the entire SRL Case Law Database on the NSRLP website, fully searchable, free, and accessible for all legal researchers.

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