Welcome To Canada?

Welcome To Canada?

Anneke Smit, Windsor Law faculty member

This week’s podcast features our Windsor Law colleague, Dr. Anneke Smit. Anneke’s work is currently focused on her research and activism on immigration, and in particular, refugee rights. This conversation was recorded last fall, when Anneke was a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Migration Law in Amsterdam, giving her a European vantage point on the refugee crisis that is roiling in European governments. The conversation centres around themes of family reunification, refugee integration, and whether Canada is doing enough to maintain its reputation as a place that welcomes those fleeing war and persecution. In other news, SCC chief Robert Wagner focuses on the need for reform in the judicial complaints process; Canadian Lawyer Mag considers the state of legal education; and Michael Spratt of The Docket speaks out on the problem with the “innocent until proven guilty” outcry against sexual assault/harassment allegations.

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